Bertie Gilbert

My Name: Bertie Gilbert.
Born: 1st May 1997.
He was at the Young Sylvia Theatre School
Occupation: Student and Actor.
Hair colour: Blonde
I act on Harry Potter as Scorpius Malfoy
Height : 6 foot 1 .
I´m half south african. I used to be obsessed with Lego, Doctor Who and Micheal Jackson. I have a dog and a sister of 19 years.

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Anonymous asked: They say that berite had a scene in harry potter.. if thats right ,can u send me a link for a video about it? Cuz i actually dont remember seeing him in the movie...

yes my friend, here he is, he is the son of draco malfoy (tom felton) his hair is the movie, not his face :P

lilyroh asked: Does Bertie have a real tumblr acc?

yes is this one :)

btw can you check out my channel?


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Old videos ” What I’m thinking about” - ” The hate”

Bertie Gilbert_Fanpage


I made this with my old gif on my laptop ‘cause I can’t see Bertie’s old videos on his channel (?)

Felling sad 😔😞


Bertie Gilbert Color Palette (2/?)

tick where it hurts - coming soon

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Bertie + color palettes

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hi guys I´m new at youtube please a little of help

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Btw, I love doctor who, Sherlock, and harry potter

also other thinks like Narnia, percy jackson, Hunger Games, Game of thrones, and some others.

My Favorite music is, All time low, Panic at the disco, Arctic monkeys, fall out boys, one republic, paramore, the ready set, The summer set, Heyhihello, the vamps, foster the people, and many other that right now i can´t remember.

Youtubers: Bertiebertg, Joey graceffa, tyler oakley, jacksgap, zoella, pointlessblog, sprinkleofglitter, charlieissocoollike, kickthepj, meekakitty, nanalew, jenna marbles, emma blackery, connor franta, omgharrisonwebb, domdayable, dailygrace and well many other youtubers that i love their personality, 

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